November 30, 2014

♫ Remembering the 70s ♫: POPCORN by Hot Butter (SynthPop/Instrumental)

Remember this one?

Popcorn” is an early synthpop instrumental, composed by Gershon Kingsley in 1969 and first appearing on his album Music to Moog By.
However, in 1972, instrumental cover band, Hot Butter, did their version of the song and the track became an international hit, selling a million copies in France, 250,000 in the United Kingdom, and over two million globally.

The title may refer to the short staccato or sharp "popping" sound used, or to pop music and its being 'corny', i.e., kitschy. The title is generally written as one word, although some single sleeves (such as the one illustrated) present it as two words, "Pop Corn".

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